Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

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Redoko began working with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in early 2018.

When we joined their online team CBFW had a site which was in need of development and some aesthetic updates. A spring clean, so to speak. The site files were huge, which was causing performance issues. Redoko worked to reduce the site size by around 60%. We removed all duplicate content, optimised images, moved videos to external hosting and generally trimmed any unnecessary elements.

Each month we carry out maintenance work on the site: taking a full back up of the files and database, updating all systems and scripts and running a Wordfence scan to identify and fix any security issues.

Since autumn 2018 we’ve worked with the CBFW comms team to redevelop the key areas of the site. Each month we rebuild sections of the site, streamlining and modernising content whilst retaining the branding. The key to a successful revamp is simply to limit the number fonts used, the sizes of text/paragraphs/headers etc., keep the colours uniform, replace any poor quality images and check content spacing.

The Redoko team was also asked to build secure areas for Cherie Blair’s trips abroad. Given the political aspect of Cherie’s public profile security was paramount when designing and building these areas.

Redoko continues to work as the sole web development contractors for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

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